The Awe-Mamac

The Awe-Mamac

When I landed my first serious freelance gig last year, I invested in a handful of (used—I was still a little broke after being laid off!) books to celebrate. One of these books was Jill Badonksy’s The Awe-Mamac, the most delightful of daybooks you will ever encounter, I assure you. If you’ve tried SARK’s Living Juicy or any other artist daybooks, you are sure to love this one and then some.

Badonksky’s book is simply a delight to read. Every page is brimming with colorful, whimsical illustrations, quotations, “awe-servances” (observances), journal prompts, a toast for the day, and more. Badonsky usually weaves the day’s theme around a certain artist who may have been born on that day, or who provided that day’s quote. She also provides a space for the reader to “name today,” making it your own holiday.

There are a number of other features that The Awe-Manac has sprinkled throughout, such as a line that reads “Today I get to __.” This empowers the reader to take charge of the day and create something artistic on his or her to-do list, no matter how trivial or huge. The daily “Dose of Mirth” provides a much-needed laugh for the day from a famous author, artist or other creative person. “Aha-phrodisiacs” are there to prompt “creative play.” These can include haiku prompts, free writing exercises, listings, word banks and more—a true delight for any creative person, especially those who may be experiencing blocks or a case of the blues.

Each month is also prefaced by a small guide (about four pages) that provides new ways to use the book, plus monthly observances, astrological fun, questions to ponder, and “Gardening Information,” which isn’t necessarily about gardening but about growing as an artist and creative being (though flowers are mentioned too!).

My favorite part of The Awe-Manac are the monthly commentaries as well as the “Journal Juju.” The promise of a new month is, to me, much like most people regard a new year. Having these 30-day celebrations and creative sparks at your fingertips is a wonderful way to help yourself grow as an artist or simply as a spiritual being.

A big journaler, I love Badonsky’s quirky and clever prompts and often use them in my own art and writing journals. Some are so simple, such as filling in the blank to a famous book title, or using the title of a painting as the title of a poem and going from there; and like many simple things, these can lead to greater works and imaginings once you just get something on the page.

This book is delightful for just about anyone needing a bit of whimsy and creativity in their lives.