Easier Than You Think

Easier Than You Think

If you’re a fan of Dr. Richard Carlson’s Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff series and workbooks, you’ll probably be interested in his Easier Than You Think.

Published in 2005, it is similar to the Small Stuff series in size and design, and covers the same kinds of tips and topics—ways to enhance your life and general well-being through simplicity and living in the now.

I think a lot of Carlson’s advice in this book can probably be found in the Small Stuff series as well—though perhaps worded differently. Instead of focusing on what not to sweat, for example, the series contains thirty-nine things to actually make an effort to do.

From being kind to reading to laughing every day, it’s all very simple, easy advice—much that you have probably heard before—gathered in this one small book. Some suggestions, such as changing the way you think, are reminiscent of The Secret (The Law of Attraction) teachings, and there are a few pieces of advice—such as “I Won’t Go There”—that are probably easier said than done, rather than you think. That said, it’s an accessible, quick read, and likely understandable and applicable to most people.

I would recommend Easier for new college or high school graduates, or maybe friends or family members who might be suffering and could use a spiritual boost from these suggestions. However, if you’re looking for deeper spiritual fulfillment, I would suggest seeking elsewhere since this set of ideas is very basic.

It is a fantastic introduction, though, to leading a meaningful, healthier and less stressful life that anyone could benefit from.