Eat, Pray Love | Is Chick Lit Spiritual?

Eat, Pray Love | Is Chick Lit Spiritual?

A friend updated her FaceBook status with a comment that she was tired of arguing with her teens, worrying about money and stressing over work. She wondered aloud what she should do. Her responses were all supportive. A few people suggested chicken noodle soup, but more recommended chocolate, the universal female cure-all. Some swore by an afternoon curled up on the sofa watching Lifetime TV. A few annoyingly healthy people even suggested going for a walk (what do they know).

What did she do? She re-read “Eat, Pray, Love”.

You can really categorize the book as both spiritual and as chick lit. I mean, it was written by a female author at a crossroads in her life and heralded by the Great Oprah herself as a must-read.

If you are not a particularly spiritual person, perhaps the chapters in Italy (Eat) or Bali (Love) meant the most to you. Or, as my mom likes to say, spoke to you. Perhaps you understood the whole devastation of divorce and pain of moving on. And, that’s fine. Whatever works for you. Maybe you saw the movie because you are a die-hard Julia Roberts fan. And, that’s fine, too.

For me, and apparently for my friend, it is a deeply spiritual book. The Pray section was my favorite. I’ve never had any desire to travel to India or live in an ashram, but it moved me. It spoke to me on a much deeper level. It somehow focused me and made me realize that I cannot spend my adulthood renouncing “organized religion”. That chapter of my life is over. It’s time to move on and practice what I do believe.

How about you? Have you read “Eat, Pray, Love”? Which was your favorite part?