Take the Shine Challenge

Take the Shine Challenge

Learn to love who you are with Rosie Molinary.

Ever find yourself really disliking, even hating, who you are? Maybe you think your life could be so much easier, so much better, if you were just. Just thinner. Just smarter. Just richer. Just anyone besides who you are right now. But what if that’s just ridiculous? What if you could be happy as you are right now, warts and all?

The fact of the matter is that you can. We were built to be this way; in fact, I have a strong belief that before the invention of media, our ancestors were probably pretty happy with themselves and each other, but that’s for another post! The point of this one is that Rosie Molinary has set out to help us all embrace our own authentic selves just as we are, right now, and she is offering a month-long FREE course just to do that!

During Rosie’s Shine challenge, she encourages us to embrace the Body Warrior Pledge, which is a tall order to fill for many of us who are used to pleasing others, denying ourselves, living with low (or no!) self-esteem, or who simply don’t like ourselves the way we are today. Shine began on July 31, and I have to tell you that I’ve felt a dramatic increase in my confidence already. We are taking steps today to drastically change our lives—something we’ve meant to do for years—and while I would normally drag my feet and mutter that I just can’t, today I am putting me (and my little family of three) first and jumping in with both feet. Who knows? Something miraculous might happen!

Even though today is already day eight, you can still get in on all of these helpful prompts by beginning on day one and finishing late—or by combining prompts for a couple of days. I have been using my journal for mine, but feel free to participate in the actual blog posts with your replies as is encouraged by Rosie herself. I have found it helpful to decorate the edges of my journal with her cool hot air balloons, something I’ve always wanted to experience; this gives me a visual reminder of why I’m doing this program, as well as something fun to doodle while I’m on the phone.

Having a wonderful time during Shine? Or do you have another amazing course or program to share? Be sure to post it here, either in the comments or in your own blog!