The Woman's Retreat Book

The Woman's Retreat Book

Whether you’re planning on scheduling yourself a much-needed becation or you simply need to take a breather, Jennifer Louden’s The Woman’s Retreat Book: A Guide to Restoring, Rediscovering and Reawakening Your True Self—in a Moment, an Hour, a Day, or a Weekend may be just what you need.

This “do-it-yourself” guide to creating inner peace and time for yourself within your current lifestyle can be used by anyone—whether office executive, working mother, or college student. It focuses on helping you to carve out a chunk of time just for you—no matter your location or the time of day.

There’s guidance on where to hold your retreat, as well as whether or not to allow others to participate, as well as justification for retreating in and of itself—something that many woman feel they need, though unnecessarily. Any person—woman or man—can benefit from a break from the demands of life, returning rejuvenated, renewed and ready to take on the world.

Many women won’t be able to take off to Sedona or Stonehenge or even a hotel for a private retreat, which is fine; Louden provides plenty of suggestions for creating an at-home retreat. The format of her 324-page book also allows you to focus on specific issues in your life that you may wish to sort out during a retreat, such as grief or artistic blockage—as well as special events, such as birthdays or friendship retreats.

If you don’t have expensive bath salts, an assortment of candles, or a white terry cloth robe, don’t worry about it (though you can use those, too!). All you need is yourself for a retreat! A journal may be helpful, as Louden provides dozens and dozens of introspective questions for you to consider while on your blissful break from reality. Of course, a few health food items, music and instruments, and other common retreat materials are recommended for various retreats; simply pick and choose what you need and what you can afford.

A retreat, Louden reminds, is an attitude, not necessarily a place, and the time to take one doesn’t matter as long as you do it. Check out The Woman’s Retreat Book and make some plans for a retreat this weekend—and if you really are in need of a retreat (feeling frazzled, putting ice cube trays in the cabinets, wishing to run away and become a waitress…), why not make plans for one now?