August 2008

Louise L. Hay: An oldie, but a goodie

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay You Can Heal Your Life is a self-help book that uses the nurturing of the spirit as the foundation for building better life. This book is enjoying 24 years in publication, numerous translations and it's even been made into a movie. I decided I wanted to re-read this book and find out if it is still relevant. The first time I read this book I was very young and the self-help genre was still new to me. I had the misconception that these types of books were for middle-aged people who were confused about their lives, so I didn't see how I could relate to any of the content. You Can Heal Your Life was a very easy book to read and to understand. The message was very clear: What you think, you create. Kind of predecessor of The Secret, this book tells us that our attitude toward ourselves and toward the world around us determines what our lives are to become. It also addresses where these attitudes stem from and the action necessary for overcoming them. Louise Hay opens up about her own life and struggles, and makes a compelling case for the power of change.