June 2009

The Awe-Mamac

When I landed my first serious freelance gig last year, I invested in a handful of (used—I was still a little broke after being laid off!) books to celebrate. One of these books was Jill Badonksy’s The Awe-Mamac, the most delightful of daybooks you will ever encounter, I assure you. If you’ve tried SARK’s Living Juicy or any other artist daybooks, you are sure to love this one and then some.

Badonksky’s book is simply a delight to read. Every page is brimming with colorful, whimsical illustrations, quotations, “awe-servances” (observances), journal prompts, a toast for the day, and more. Badonsky usually weaves the day’s theme around a certain artist who may have been born on that day, or who provided that day’s quote. She also provides a space for the reader to “name today,” making it your own holiday.

Mutant Message Down Under

It is quite a humbling experience to imagine the advice of the dead. To imagine, for example, a spirit’s urging to live an authentic, meaningful life--a life he had not lived and now regrets.  Marlo Morgan, author of Mutant Messge Down Under, experienced such a heeding--only, instead of ghostly, sorrowful wisps, she received hers first-hand from a group who not only had no regrets, but lived each day with full hearts.

101 Exercises for the Soul

It’s amazing how the most simple things can change your life forever. We always think that if we have more money, the house of our dreams, retirement, or whatever else seems out of reach at the moment, we will finally, truly be happy—but this is simply an illusion.

It really is the little things in life that make us happy and feed our souls, as Dr. Bernie S. Siegel points out in his small but smart spiritual guide, 101 Exercises for the Soul. It’s filled with easy exercises for mind, body and soul expansion that basically anyone can do. Soul exercisers can choose which chapter to begin with, on which area they’d like to focus on, and spend as much time on that area—a day? a week?—as they like.

Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy

Have you ever kept a gratitude or joy journal, where you wrote a few things you were grateful for each day? If you have, you already know the profound difference it can have on your life. Simply by being grateful for everything in your life, you can not only become more grateful and happy in the process, but you will also begin to see even more things to be grateful for manifested in your everyday life.

If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction, you also know that this is simply the result of changing your thougths—switching from resentment and jealously to sheer gratitude and joy will send out the message to the universe that you want things that will make you joyful and greatful!

Living Juicy

Any SARK fan will tell you that despite Susan Arial Rainbow Kennedy’s gentle humor, fun drawings and inner-child-infused humor, her writing is quite spiritual, as well as uplifting. Reading SARK’s work makes a person feel held, loved, understood. SARK’s daybook, Living Juicy, contains daily morsels of creativity, self-awareness, self-care and growth. With weekly themes like expressing, allowing and shouting—one for every week of the year—SARK guides readers through “micromovements,” as she calls them, toward becoming the people we want to be. Every page is filled with SARK’s trademark free spirited creative art, and includes assignments like watching snails, writing friends letters, and tracing your own body on paper. From journaling to painting your dreams, pretending to sob hysterically to taking imaginary vacations, Living Juicy has a succulent bite of life on every page just perfect for almost anyone to eat.

The Life Organizer

Most organizers or planners give you just enough space to hang yourself in. Between scrawled appointments, doctor visits, meetings and task lists, you can see your very identity shrinking in the margins—along with your sanity. This is not one of those organizers.