September 2009

This I Believe

 According to Edward R. Murrow, of the old-school style of journalism, we can learn from our fear and often our personal beliefs are based on that fear. "This I Believe" is a collection of brief essays that are based on his  series from the 1950's. Each person interviewed had five minutes to give a life philosophy, which Mr. Murrow claimed was a tad bit invasive and too little time to fully express the true philosophies of the subjects. This edition takes old essays and new.

Take The Soul Journey

While it’s not a bestselling book, The Soul Journey is a fantastic edition to your search for spirituality. Based on four levels of focus, it provides a guiding light into yourself through e-mail coaching and an e-Book format. While many programs boast having the answers you seek, The Soul Journey does the opposite.

“The soul journey is not about information and knowledge… Instead it is about trust, intuition, self-healing, creativity, expression, and purpose,” says the website. It’s a program created to help users learn more about themselves and answer difficult questions to find out more about their own purpose.