January 2010

Eat Mangoes Naked

When it comes to SARK, you expect puns, double entendres, and basically the most fun you can have with words. Her book Eat Mangoes Naked: Finding Pleasure Everywhere and Dancing with the Pits! is no exception.

SARK describes Eat Mangoes Naked as “Your pleasure traveling companion.” She gently reminds us throughout the colorful book that pleasure need not be from a traditionally joyful source; in fact, we can find pleasure in the most dark moments, or unexpected places, in our lives. The book’s sections, which are “dabs of pleasure for your days and nights,” include finding pleasure in nature, other people, difficult times, and where you are right now. SARK includes some of her own “pleasure mentors” to help show the way as well.

The Alchemist

Having heard rave reviews for The Alchemist from numerous sources, I had to check it out. Paulo Coehlo’s modern classic has even been extolled by celebrities like Julia Roberts, Russell Crowe, and Will Smith. What the heck is everyone so excited about? I just had to know.

So I read the allegory, and while impressed, something just kept nagging at me. Sure, I read it in one sitting while monitoring my sick daughter once she’d stopped throwing up, so maybe I wasn’t in the most receptive state; but, being a woman, I guess I just tend to notice it when women are used as props in a story more than anything else.