December 2011

Childrens Books: Christmas and New Year's With a Twist

Light The Candles, My First Kwanza, Bringing In the New Year, and The Give Away

Christmas books abound. The story of the nativity is everywhere. Heck, you could probably even buy one a book on the birth of Christ at the corner gas station. But, there are many other stories to be told this time of year than just Christ and Santa. Once again, Amazon saves the day. Here are four alternatives for you to share with your kids.

  1. Light The Candles: There’s more than one miracle talked about in December. Teach your kids about the miracle of Hanukkah with this delightful lift-the-flap book. It’s a perfect way to introduce children a world view and, while you are at it, sing the dreidel song.

Mitch Albom | Tuesdays With Morrie

One of the Best Spirituality Bestsellers Ever!


Growing up in Michigan in the seventies and eighties, I remember Mitch. Not that it makes me cool or anything. I don’t actually know him; I just remember him. He wrote a sports column for the local paper and then a human interest column. I distinctly remember his face each Sunday morning. I read every word he wrote, even then. I never aspired to be a writer, heck, I still don’t. But, if I had to name an early influence I would have to include the name Mitch Albom on that list.